Help! We Need A Title by Hervé Tullet

I’m a huge fan of Hervé Tullet, noone makes picture books quite like him. They’re playful, imaginative and interactive, they encourage the reader to create through play. His books are a work of art that allow the reader to engage with it and become a part of it. His books are a creative collaboration between him and the child. Help! We need a title is an exciting new book that can be enjoyed by people of all ages.

From one of the most acclaimed and dynamic picture book makers of his time comes a book that tests the very meaning of a picture book story, plays havoc with formal type and design and speaks directly to its readers!

A new picture book from Hervé Tullet! How exciting. Open it up – see what’s inside! Hello! There’s lots of characters. And they’re looking right at YOU. They seem to be a bit surprised… Hmmm, maybe they’re not quite ready? (The drawing’s a bit messy, too. It looks like this illustrator has some more work to do.) Let’s read on and see. Uh-oh – it seems the characters don’t actually know what to DO! Hang on … there’s not even a STORY because – guess what?! – this book isn’t FINISHED! But while you’re here (and because you probably DO want a story, right?) they’re going to try and find one for you. And they might just need the help of a certain author…

Description taken from Walker Books




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