Specs for Rex by Yasmeen Ismail

Rex has some new specs, but he doesn’t like them. Rex is reluctant to wear them to school. He spends much of the day trying to hide his glasses in obscure places; however Rex’s new specs happen to be quite large, round and bright red.

In the end, Rex’s glasses earn him a gold star and spark off a new friendship. Oh, and of course, he can see properly.

This year had a boy in my class that had the same problem as Rex; he was very self conscious about his new specs. I tried many different strategies to build his confidence about his new glasses. The thing is, they really suited him. I wish I had this book to hand at the time, It would have been perfect. I will use this in class for circle time discussions about the positive effects of being a little bit different.

The illustrations are charming; splashes of watercolour with the odd black outline here and there make it feel playful and carefree.

Check out Yasmeen Ismail’s website to see some of her other work.

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