Frank! By Connah Brecon

When I first saw the cover of Frank! on Connah Brecon’s twitter feed, I knew I needed it in my life.

The title is great. I just googled the meaning behind the name Frank, it means free, or free one. Which is fitting as you see Frank strutting through his neighbourhood, eyes closed, whistling a tune, scarf blowing in the breeze.

I associate the name Frank with the phrase – being frank with someone, being honest. I see a Frank as someone who doesn’t play games, is straight with you, what you see is what you get. What’s not to like about Frank?

Anyway back to the front cover. Isn’t it wonderful, the colours are scrumptious, the typography is superb, and Frank the bear looks like a dude!

The story begins when Frank starts school. But Frank seems to have a problem with punctuality. Of course Frank has valid excuses for his lateness, like the time he got challenged to a charity dance off and the time he needed to rescue a family of rabbits from an ogre. However, his teacher, who obviously didn’t make the connection between the name and the phrase, believes Frank to be spinning her a bunch of porky pies. All until the school comes under attack from a giant zombie, fire-breathing lizard king!

This picture book is hilarious, the characters are funny and the illustrations and bold colours are gorgeous.

To see more of Connah Brecon’s work check out his blog.

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