The Promise by Nicola Davies illustrated by Laura Carlin

The Promise is a story about hope, community and change. It sends a positive message about the power we have as an individual to make a positive impact on our surroundings.

The story begins in a bleak and hopeless cityscape, where poverty, crime and misery are rife within its streets. The community is broken and its people dejected and mournful. Urban disorder and vandalism fill the neighbourhoods. Nature has been exploited, modified, altered, privatized, commercialized and transformed without any thought of the consequences.

The protagonist, a young female street thief, attempts to snatch the purse of an elderly woman. Struggling back and forth, the woman agrees to let go on the condition of a promise. She asks that the young girl make a promise to ‘plant them all’.

When finding a bag full of acorns, she is taken on an unexpected and life-changing journey that transforms the world around her and that of her community for generations to come.

The book reminds us that it is essential for us to coexist with nature in harmony and balance, that the protection and respect of nature is crucial for the survival for all species on our planet.

Earth is the only home we have. The Earth does not belong to us; we belong to the Earth.

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