The Sea Tiger by Victoria Turnbull

A beautiful story about a friendship between a sea tiger and merboy, Sea Tiger by Victoria Turnbull is a gorgeous book with themes of love and friendship and the difficulty of letting go of those you love for their own good.

Cool tones work together harmoniously to create the magical underwater landscape. The artwork absorbs you; the words read like the content of a dream.

I really enjoy the variety and masterful way Victoria approaches the layout of every page. An illustration cropped in a circle, surrounded by white space, is so pleasing to the eye. Then huge double page spreads, that immerse you in the oceanic paradise. Everything is framed beautifully; type is set perfectly, speech bubbles that guide your eye across the page. The position of the characters and the type make your eyes swoop and swim through the book carrying you along on their fantastical adventure. Then you find type justified in a white rectangle that looks like it has been slipped into the scene with sea plants swaying over it. It slows you down and gives you time to pause and take it all in. The next page is black with the characters sleeping, glowing under the light of the star studded sea, the type drifting away into the darkness.

The more time I spend looking at this book, reading it, admiring it, the more I love it.

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