The Messy Monster Book by Rachel Ortas (Books I like)

The Messy Monster Book invites children on an extended adventure with this eponymous character from the cult children’s magazine Okido, combining quirky contemporary illustration with broad thinking for children. Along with Messy Monster himself, his friends Zoe and Felix roam the world and their imaginations, learning lots of new things along the way with the help of Filo, the philospher, and a pair of creative cats called Cutty and Doodle. Whether they’re exploring new planets or tidying their room, Messy Monster shows them that there’s always plenty to learn about in the world while you’re having fun.

Through her colourful screenprints, Rachel Ortas brings to life Messy Monster’s exciting adventures, creating an immediate engagement with education through stimulating visuals and storyboards, proving that learning doesn’t have to be dull.

Rachel Ortas is an illustrator, graphic artist and artist in residence at Central st Martins, in addition to contributing to many art publications. Her screenprinted illustrations include weird and wonderful characters who look cute but have a slightly menacing edge, which is what makes them appealing to adults as well as children. One of her most well-known characters are the AiAis, monsters from outer space, which have been exhibited in London at Magma gallery and the Science Museum. Rachel is also one of the creators and founders of Okido, an educational and fun art and science magazine for children.

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