Wall by Tom Clohosy Cole

Tom Clohosy Cole, creator of Space Race (published by Nobrow), presents his debut picture book, ‘Wall’.

Wall will be published in October 2014 to coincide with the 25th anniversary of the fall of the Berlin Wall.

Before I say anything else, WOW! This book is incredible! This book is why I love the picture book form. Their ability to deal with challenging themes; provoke thought and raise questions, WALL does all of that and is illustrated in a way that gives credit to the intelligence of its young audience. Props to Templar Publishing, this is a masterpiece. Thank you!

The book follows one boy’s struggle to reunite his family. Although based around a true story, the wall is symbolic of separations around the world, whether it be between whole communities or two individuals.

Now, I always get excited when a brown package is delivered with the words ‘Magpie That’ on the address. I tear it open like a kid eagerly opening a present. When I found this beneath the brown packaging I stood and stared in awe. My eyes drawn to the powerful one word title ‘WALL’, stamped in red, big and bold like a tabloid headline, then my line of sight passed through that apocalyptic, blood-stained, fire-filled night sky to find the sobering image of a young boy, stood alone on the wrong side of a prison-like wall, topped with spirals of barbed wire, ironically designed to keep out intruders. Jaw-droppingly, stunning artwork!

The book looks and feels like a graphic novel that has been transformed into the picture book form. The pages seem to be composed with the mind of a master cinematographer. It makes me think of Apocalypse Now and Sin City, done in a kid-friendly, Steven Spielberg, father and son way. If I haven’t made it clear yet, I LOVE it!

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