World of Moose: Fill Me In by Moose Allain

A gorgeous debut book from a well-renowned, charismatic and in-demand illustrator, whose witty tweets have attracted almost 50,000 followers on Twitter.


An original fill-me-in journal from the World of Moose, packed with ideas and complex illustrations to spark your creative imagination. Playful drawings and simple prompts invite creators of all ages to not only colour, but draw, imagine and finish his dense line drawings. Complete your own city, fill it with people, write a comic and more. The ultimate rainy day book, sure to keep little ones busy for hours!

Published by Big Picture Press on the 1st October.

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 About the Author

Moose Allain is a former architect and has taught at the University of North London and the Royal College of Art’s School of Architecture. His illustrations have featured in the Literary Review, Stephen Fry’s 100 Greatest Gadgets and Gadget Man, both on Channel 4.

– Big Picture Press

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