Dragon Jelly by Claire Freedman & Sue Hendra

Hooray! It’s bouncy castle time,

but this one’s extra mucky.

As the monsters jump & bump,

it sprays out gunk – SPLAT-YUCKY!

Dragon Jelly Recipe

  1. Generous spoonfuls of big & bold illustrations
  2. A ladleful of raucous rhyming text
  3. Oodles of onomatopoeias, e.g. A splat, a kapow, a buzzing, a drool
  4. Lots of monsters
  5. Some worms
  6. A box of frogs
  7. Some hot dragon jelly

Max is having a monster party. They play all sorts of yucky games then cool down in a fruitbat drool paddling pool! Then it’s teatime, with termite tarts, earwig rolls and eyeball cake. But the real treat is the red-hot dragon jelly!

– Bloomsbury

25th September 2014

Available in paperback for £6.99 – hardback for £10.99

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