Art Heroes Presents Endangered and More Strange Stories

Endangered and More Strange Stories contains four, all-ages strips, 36 colour A4 pages and 4 pages of comic making tips and worksheets.

Art Heroes is run by Daniel Clifford & Lee Robinson

Daniel Clifford was born in South Shields, 1986. Having been taught to read by comic books in the early 1990s, Daniel aims to create new comics that can inspire today’s young people to read. His published work (including the Sugar Glider comics) has been intended for an all-ages audience. He organised comic book workshops around North East England for over two years before starting Art Heroes with Lee Robinson.

Lee Robinson was born in Hexham, 1986. He has worked on a variety of projects as an illustrator and cartoonist, earning an Animation Foundation Degree in the process. Lee’s comic book work began with guest appearances in the Sugar Glider titles, and continues through Art Heroes workshops and publications.

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