Ballad, written and illustrated by Blexbolex

Blexbolex is a multi-award winning French book illustrator, who lives and works in Berlin. He combines his illustrations with industrial printing techniques and the outcome produces something of true beauty, layered with texture.

His approach to the artwork and storytelling of this book are equally experimental and playful.

What’s great about this book is that it works on many levels: it’s a coffee table book for adults; it’s a book of fairy tales for children and it’s a choose your own adventure story for everyone.

Ballad is a story, and like all great stories it deepens with each retelling. The story builds over seven sequences. The first has three images: school, path, home. The next gives us: school, street, path, forest, home. The following five sequences take up this story, but with new words and images that nearly double the previous sequence. Here a child takes in her surroundings as she returns home from school, and by telling stories about what she sees, she makes her world bigger and more complex. This story is as old as the world. It happens every day.

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