The Farmer and the Clown By Marla Frazee

A baby clown is separated from his family when he accidentally bounces off their circus train and lands in a lonely farmer’s vast, empty field. The farmer reluctantly rescues the little clown, and over the course of one day together, the two of them make some surprising discoveries about themselves-and about life!
Sweet, funny, and moving, this wordless picture book from a master of the form and the creator of The Boss Baby speaks volumes and will delight story lovers of all ages.

I adore this book, and the recently posted picture book ‘All the World’. I am now a huge Marla Frazee fan. Her illustrations are exquisite.

A great, wordless picture book fills me with joy. I’m in awe of the illustrators that create them.

The farmer and the Clown is a new favourite of mine and will join my go to list of wordless picture books for guided reading sessions, along with Journey and Quest by Aaron Becker and my collection of David Weisner books.

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