Batty by Sarah Dyer

I had my eye on this book for a long time, I like that it is not about a typically cute animal. Sarah very kindly sent it to me last year. I’ve very happy to be featuring it on the blog.

Sarah’s illustrations are magnificent; the story is witty and clever. The pages show us the world from the perspective of Batty. I have to admit, this threw me at first, I thought there had been an error at the printing press. Children will have lots of fun turning the book upside down and back again.

It’s a top-notch picture book, I now have my magpie eye on Sarah’s other books (Monster Day at Work looks particularly good).

Batty’s efforts to impress visitors at the zoo fail, but he is determined to be popular like the other animals. First he goes to the penguin pool but the water is cold and he doesn’t like fish. Then he tries the gorilla enclosure but he doesn’t have any fleas for the gorillas to pick off him. He tries to laze in the sun with the lions but its far too bright for his sensitive eyes. When eventually he returns to his bat cave he finds that everyone else is trying to be like him, hanging upside down.

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  1. Thanks for the blog post James. The bat’s eye view; that’s a great idea. Can you think of any other books that have taken this approach of seeing the story from the character’s point of view? I guess Where The Wild Things Are does this in the way that we see the story from the perspective of a little lad in a dream world.

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