Goodnight Already! By Jory John, illustrated by Benji Davies

Have you ever had a friend that just wouldn’t take the hint?

Goodnight Already! A hilarious story with personality packed in like bundles of uncooked spaghetti.

Meet Bear. He’s exhausted. All he wants is to go to sleep. Meet Duck, Bear’s persistent next-door neighbour. All he wants is to hang out . . . with Bear.

Harper Collins 

I’ve been an avid follower of Benji’s work since I saw the first teaser artwork for The Storm Whale. I’ve only recently heard of Jory John, albeit through his collaboration with the legend that is Mac Barnett on the book The Terrible Two (great book by the way).

I saw the cover art for this one on Benji’s twitter feed some time ago, and I’m pretty sure that cheeky duck was his avatar for a while.

The artwork is spectacular; Benji has worked his magic on these two contrasting characters. Both duck and bear are incredibly likable, despite their abundance of personality faults. In fact I’m pretty sure I lived with these two during my university days.

Their relationship could be the foundation of a very good sitcom.

Jory John is a fantastic talent in both YA fiction and picture books – much like his buddy Mac Barnett – & Benji Davies is a great writer and a magnificent illustrator.

Can’t recommend this one enough!

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