The Story of Fish and Snail by Deborah Freedman

I’ve been sorting my picture books by colour, its half term – can you tell? As I was pulling all the books off the shelves, I found this one. Deborah sent it to me AGES ago! Somehow it had escaped from my review pile and found its way onto the bookshelf.


It’s a superb picture book. Deborah’s illustrations are lively and bright and the story is whimsical and clever.

Every day, Snail waits for Fish to come home with a story.

Today, Fish’s story (about pirates!) is too grand to simply be told: Fish wants to show Snail. But that would mean leaving the familiar world of their book – a scary prospect for Snail, who would rather stay safely at home and pretend to be kittens. Fish scoffs that cats are boring; Snail snaps back. Is this book too small for the two feuding friends? Could this be THE END of The Story of Fish and Snail?

– Deborah Freedman

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