The Best Birthday Present Ever! By Ben Mantle

What was the best birthday present you ever received?

Mine was this BMX. It has called a Street Wolf, it made those 90’s synth gun/bomb noises. My brother on the other hand got the Vectar. The kids on the estate called it ‘Darth Vader’s Bathroom’. Still rather bitter that I didn’t own the Vectar, looks even more awesome now than it did back in the 90’s.


It’s Bear’s birthday and Squirrel wants to give his friend the best birthday present ever. But what do you give the bear who has everything, including the Mallow O’Matic 5000 Marshmallow Canon and the Amazing Pop-Up Castle Tent Which-Looks-Like-A-House-With Two-Floors? Squirrel has just the answer! A stick. Except it’s so much more than a stick . . .

Ben Mantle

Published by Macmillan

Ben’s debut book is filled with brightly coloured illustrations that come with plenty of personality and detail to grab your attention. It’s funny and sweet and would make a great birthday present for someone. Either that or get them a stick!

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