Poka & Mia: Wakey-wakey by Kitty Crowther

Poka & Mia are adorable, insect-like characters doing everyday things. The characters seem unusually placed as the subjects of a children’s book, normally you’d expect to follow the story of a fluffy rabbit or a cuddly bear. Poka & Mia look like flying ants, despite this they’re incredibly cute, cuter than any rabbit or bear.

The style, size and layout of these books are reminiscent of classic children’s books, such as: Winnie the Pooh, Puddle Lane and Peter Rabbit; however the colours of the covers and the character designs make these books feel ahead of their time. This makes for a wonderful contrast.

There are currently 4 Poka & Mia titles. In this book, Mia desperately wants to go outside and play in the sunshine, but Poka is still fast asleep…

Published by Tate

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