This is My Rock by David Lucas

This is the second book by David Lucas to be published by Flying Eye Books. As you’d expect from Flying Eye, the production value is second to none. The illustrations are beautiful – the artwork reminds me of Native American art. It feels a bit like an illustrative tapestry passing on a fable to the next generation.

And the book is very funny! Great for children and the adults reading with them.

“This is my rock!” proclaims a young goat. “It’s not yours,” he bleats at Eagle. “Or yours,” he grumbles at Bear. “Nor yours!” he shouts at the other goats that dare to climb his rock. But standing atop a mountain all day and night can be lonely, especially when you have no one else to play with…

With simple wit and beautifully detailed illustrations, David Lucas weaves a tale about sharing and friendship.

Flying Eye Books

Check out David’s website to see his other books and more examples of his work.

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