Grendel: A Cautionary Tale About Chocolate By David Lucas

Thanks to Flying Eye Books, the work of David Lucas has been brought to my attention. After doing some research I found that the lovely people at Walker Books had published some of his earlier books. Here is the first of 2 features. Thanks again to Walker for sending me these wonderful books.

I’m a huge fan of David’s illustrations. They look as though they’ve been carved from wood or stitched together.

I’m putting this post together while scoffing some Galaxy chocolate and drinking a seemingly bottomless mug of tea. Maybe I should heed to the warning of this cautionary tale and step away from the chocolate and tea.

By the way, don’t worry; Grendel & his mother are far more pleasant in David Lucas’ story than their previous performance in the Anglo-Saxon poem Beowulf.

Grendel loves his mum and Grendel loves his dog, but most of all Grendel loves CHOCOLATE! When he is magically granted three wishes, what does he wish for? More chocolate of course! He gets rather more than he asks for when his whole world turns to chocolate and starts to melt… Whatever can he do? This fresh and fun re-telling of the Midas story has a message for us all – be careful what you wish for!

Walker Books

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