HUNGRY ROSCOE by David J Plant

Apologies to my readers who may have been wondering where I have got to. I’ve been searching for jobs, on the upside I found one. I will be teaching in sunny Bristol from September, back to the West Country. Since I got offered the job, I have been packing up my London home, getting my head around fixed rates, trackers, variables, discounts, interest rates, mortgage brokers, deposits, right move, zoopla (perfect recipe for an almighty migraine).

Anyway the magpie is back, and what better way to get back on the saddle than to introduce (if not a little bit late) the fantastic new title by the always brilliant ‘Flying Eye Books’ – Hungry Roscoe.

Roscoe is a hungry raccoon and he’s fed up with eating rotten junk out of the bins. What he wouldn’t give for a lovely bit of fish or some fresh, juicy fruit – and where better to find food than at the zoo! An excellent idea. Except for the grumpy zookeeper who’s intent on keeping Roscoe OUT. But Roscoe’s determined to eat, and sure enough he’s come up with a plan to disguise himself as a zoo animal . . . What could possibly go wrong?

Mayhem ensues in this deliciously funny tale about a craft raccoon by author/illustrator David J. Plant.

Flying Eye Books

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