PARIS-CHIEN – The Adventures of an Ex-pat Dog by Jackie Clark Mancuso

A tail-wagging, nose wetting, tongue flappingly magnificent picture book

Painted illustrations that I want framed on my walls, the artwork is tremendous! With confident brushstrokes and varied perspectives Jackie Clark Mancuso offers us her vision of the beautiful Parisian streets. The book contains a delightful set of paintings that would look equally at home displayed on white walls in a gallery. It’s unusual to find this sort of imagery in the picture book form, and this is what makes it such a piece de resistance – as well as the charming and witty narrative.


When Hudson, an adventurous (and adorable) Norwich Terrier, moves to Paris, he loves the new sights and smells. But when he tries to make friends, he is surprised to discover that Parisian dogs only speak French. Nobody told him about this part. Though initially disheartened, little Hudson’s desire to make friends and thrive in his new environment is so strong that he learns a new language. Hudson becomes a Paris-Chien! (A pun on Parisien.) Hudson’s successful experience will be meaningful to any child set down in any new country, city, or school.


Check out the magpie Jackie Clark Mancuso painted for me.

magpie red ring sky 72

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