Stanley’s Plan by Ruth Green

Stanley’s Plan is a visually stimulating picture book with a simple, engaging and humorous story that is made accessible for young readers with its witty, easy-to-follow rhyming text.

Ruth Green is a talented printmaker with a distinctive style, which is characterised in this book by her use of bold colourful backgrounds that have a striking contrast with the mostly black and white illustrations. She creates a sense of place with her awareness of the beauty of everyday objects – fruit and veg, pots and pans and a kitchen dresser filled with coffee cups, chopping boards, measuring scales and a steaming hot crusty pie.

Stanley wants that pie and who can blame him – it looks delicious! But it’s out of reach on the top shelf of the kitchen dresser. With the help of his friends, Stanley spends his whole day conjuring up plans to get that delicious pie in his hungry belly.

Published by Tate

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