Black Dog Levi Pinfold

Facing our fears can be difficult. But the more we avoid them the more they take control of us.

In this visually stunning picture book Levi Pinfold conveys this message through clever metaphor.

One day a black dog appears outside the hope family home. Each member of the family sees it and then  they proceed to hide away from it. Each time this happens the black dog gets bigger and bigger until it towers over them.

The only member of the family not afraid of the big black dog is the youngest member of the house ‘Small’.  The dog chases her through the forest, yet Small shows no fear towards the dog and as a result the dog gets smaller and smaller until the dog is back to its normal size.

The family grow to love the dog and it becomes a member of the family.

The illustrations in this book are incredible. Levi Pinfold plays with scale convincingly and creates atmospheric scenes that will pull your focus and grab you attention.

Published by Templar

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