Toby and the Ice Giants by Joe Lillington

There are two topics that are sure to grab a child’s attention, Dinosaurs and The Ice Age.

In this picture book we meet Toby the bison. Toby sets off on an adventure where he meets some of the ice giants that roam the world in this prehistoric time; wooly mammoth, wooly rhinoceros, magatherium, glyptodon, teratorn are just some of the ice giants he encounters. Each time Toby introduces himself and in return he learns something new about these great animals.

Gorgeous illustrations and a charming narrative run through the book with factual sidebars that run vertically up the pages, informing us of their diet, habitat and more. This book will inspire awe and wonder in your curious reader.

Another triumph by Flying Eye Books.

3 thoughts on “Toby and the Ice Giants by Joe Lillington”

  1. Perfect gift book or holiday treat for your under 10! Introduce them to a bit of quality illustration (and book production) and extend their interests a touch beyond dinosaurs. Lots of nice detail to ponder in the pictures and charming expressions on our ice age beasts.

  2. This book is going to be a godsend for Christmas stockings! Lovely bold illustrations and a clever way to introduce The Ice Age to young readers.

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