The Wonder by Faye Hanson

‘This is a boy whose head is filled with wonder!’

Like the boy in this book, it was my art teacher, Mrs Price, who unlocked my creativity. She inspired me every day I was in her classroom. She encouraged me to think big, to create whatever was spinning through my head. It was her belief in me that inspired me to go to junk yards and find car bonnets, engine parts and twisted metal that I would weld together with machinery an 18 year old boy with no experience had no business using. But I saw no barriers and was determined to turn my imagination into something tangible. The time I spent in her class has continued to inspire me throughout my adult life.

I think everyone has that one teacher they remember, who inspired them and who had a positive impact on their lives. I’m now a teacher myself and I hope that I do the same for at least one of the children I teach or have taught.

This book is all about unlocking the potential in children, recognising their strengths and allowing them to express themselves freely.

It’s been illustrated beautifully by Faye Hanson, the typography is wonderful and the individual letters that make up the title of the book encapsulate the meaning of the word – wonder.

I’m very happy to have a signed copy. Thank you Faye! This is one to display on the bookshelf – face on.

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