Pool by Lee Jihyeon

Pool, is a beautifully illustrated, wordless picture book about the power of the imagination. A young boy enters an overcrowded swimming pool. People are thrashing about on the surface, packed in like sardines.

The boy swims beneath the surface and meets a young girl, together they use their imaginations to create a vast open marine world. Schools of brightly coloured fish swim around them, coral reefs appear below them. They swim deeper and deeper into the infinite space, where they meet an enormous whale.

When they surface again the crowds are leaving the pool to the left and they, who are peacefully oblivious to them, leave to the right of the pool.

The book is poetic in the way it transitions from on page to the next; it creates movement and pauses of reflection. A colour palette of soft pastel blues, light skin tones and large portions of white space create a calm, dreamy rendering to the narrative.

It reminds me of my childhood, I would spend endless hours on holiday under the water, using my imagination to create nautical scenes of adventure.

Published by Chronicle Books

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