The Whale by Ethan and Vita Murrow

Giant Whale or Giant Hoax

The Whale is the story of two young whale watchers, who are on the lookout for the legend of the Great Spotted Whale. Determined to get solid, undisputable proof of its existence, they set off in their boats. Amidst the chaos of the stormy weather, their boats collide. When this happens, the two boys put their equipment together and work as a team to try and find the giant whale.

The Whale is a wordless picture book, illustrated in fine detail with graphite pencils. The book reads like frames of an analogue film reel. The style of illustration, the sense of adventure, the mythical legend of the Giant Whale and the beautifully drawn analogue equipment all help to give the reader a cinematic experience.

Published by Big Picture Press

Release date – September

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