Creating a bit of wonder in a window

Leilah Skelton is a Senior Bookseller for Waterstones. She has been a big supporter of my blog since near the beginning. I’m continually inspired by her creativity and her love and knowledge of books. I asked her if she would mind me sharing some of the things she does on the blog and kindly she agreed.

I asked Leilah to give us a bit of background about what she does:


I’m a Senior Bookseller who has spent my 9 years in Bookselling at my local branch in Doncaster. I have an art-leaning educational background, and combine creativity with my love of books. Sometimes this is for promotion, sometimes for an author gift, but mostly it is for the benefit of my customers – to make a book a more appealing gift, or to create a bit of wonder in a window. 

Follow Leilah on twitter here. (Book people are the best).

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