T-Veg: The Tale of a Carrot Crunching Dinosaur by Smriti Prasadam-Halls, illustrated by Katherina Manolessou

This book has been a godsend over the last week; it’s the only thing that will stop my twins kicking off before bedtime. I’m not sure what it is about this book exactly, but I think it’s the rhythm to the story, the rhyming text and the ease of reading it aloud. It might also be the brightly coloured dinosaur illustrations.

The story is really funny and they way it rolls off the tongue make it very enjoyable to read aloud to children. The idea of a vegetarian T-Rex is an amusing juxtaposition. In the story, T-Veg is mocked by his family and friends for his dietary decisions. His parents seem disappointed and his friends think it’s ridiculous. But T-Veg is just as tough and just as fast as any T-Rex out there.

Upset by their reactions towards him, he sets off on his own to meet other herbivores and learn more about what it means to be a herbie. As you can imagine, when the herbivores see a T-Rex running towards them, they don’t hang about to see if he happens to be a friendly one – they leg it! And who can blame them.

His family and friends begin to miss T-Veg and realise his vegetarianism really isn’t that important. When they set off to find him, they get into a spot of bother. Who will come to their rescue?

It’s a story about standing up for what you believe in, being comfortable with yourself and celebrating our differences.

Published by Frances Lincoln Children’s Books.

Release date – September

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