Betty goes bananas in her pyjamas by Steve Antony

That time of the day that parents both relish and dread simultaneously… bedtime! Or Tantrum o’clock!

Betty does it like a pro! If you’re going to have a meltdown, do it properly.

Betty can think of a summer holidays worth of activities to do before she will willingly get into bed. She wants to paint pictures, play with her toys, make music – but not, definitely NOT, go to bed.

Mr. Toucan, to no avail, does his utmost best to convince Betty that it is time to go to sleep. But Betty is having none of it. There will be feet stamping, screaming and tears before she will get under those covers.

However, eventually a bedtime story lures her to bed. The endurance test is over!

Parents everywhere will relate to this brilliant picture book by Steve Antony. Let’s hope this book will tempt your little terrors into their beds.

Take a deep breath, pull this book of the shelf and think of the glass of wine or healthy splash of something stronger that is waiting for you at the end… and say those dreaded words… bedtime!

Published by Oxford University Press.

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