I’m a Girl! By Yasmeen Ismail

Be yourself, there’s no one better!

As the father of a daughter, I am delighted for the arrival of this book. I despair at the abundance of pink, sparkly princess paraphernalia that little girls have thrust upon them from all angles. The social conditioning that children are subjected to is frightening.

A great deal of children’s literature does its best to add to this form of gender conditioning. Thankfully, there are authors out there like Yasmeen Ismail, who portray girls in a more positive light. The girl in this book is blue, she plays guitar, she runs fast, she is strong, messy and spontaneous. She is mistaken for a boy throughout the book and her response is the same each time, only louder and with more frustration, “I’m a girl! I’m a GIRL! I’M A GIRL!”

Yasmeen Ismail’s illustrations are instantly recognisable, she has an individual style that is playful, expressive and colourful, ideal for the picture book form.

Published by Bloomsbury Publishing.

Publishing 13th August 2015

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