The Marvellous Fluffy Squishy Itty Bitty by Beatrice Alemagna


This is another spectacular picture book offering from the ever-so-talented Béatrice Alemagna. This book is already a best-seller in France & no doubt will follow suit here in the UK.

This picture book is adorned with glorious illustrations made with collage, paint and drawing with illuminating details in fluorescent pink.

Together, the quirky narrative and charming illustrations bring the book to life. It’s not surprising that Beatrice Alemagna won the Andersen Prize for ‘Illustrator of the Year 2010’.

Eddie wakes up to realise it’s her mum’s birthday, and overhears her sister mutter the words: “Fluffy …. Squishy … Itty … Bitty.” Instantly Eddie knows that this must be the perfect present!

Eddie pursues the elusive and mysterious ‘fluffy squishy itty bitty’, criss-crossing charming streets and beautiful shop fronts in her frantic search. The florist, the baker and the haberdasher can’t help her, so who can!?

This is a wonderful story of self-discovery told through delightfully inventive illustrations and rich, poetic language that celebrates children’s unlimited imagination.

  • Published by Thames & Hudson

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