How to Catch a Mouse by Philippa Leathers

This sweet and funny picture book was published way back in May this year. Again, due to my whirlwind summer I’m a little behind on my blog posts. Alas, I will endeavour to catch up and review all of the beautiful books I have been sent over the last few months.

Philippa Leathers is the creator of a picture book that is a firm favourite of mine, ‘Black Rabbit’ (also published by Walker Books). Her books are illustrated beautifully and told with humour. Keep your eye on Philippa Leathers.

How to Catch a Mouse is a Tom and jerry tale without the slapstick violence. Clemmie, the adorable cat, who is of course brave and fearsome, would like to show just how skilled she is at catching mice. However, Clemmie hasn’t actually ever seen one.

Young readers will revel at spotting the cheeky, clandestine mouse, as it sneaks past the cat on each page.

Published by Walker Books.

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