Tough Guys Have Feelings Too By Keith Negley

I’ve read many articles recently about why it’s wrong to tell your children to ‘Man-Up!’ It’s confusing for a child who doesn’t yet understand what it means to be a man and the picture it illustrates is a narrow and limited one. The phrase can be translated as ‘toughen up’ but this suggests only men can be tough and we’re all well aware that isn’t true. It also suggests that men can’t show emotion and if they do it is a weakness. I don’t think any of us want our kids to grow up believing that, common sense tells us that can’t be healthy.


This book, with its array of tough men revealing their feelings, tells its young readers that they can be tough and have feelings too.

The message is light-hearted and conveyed with a touch of humour.

As well as all that the illustrations are a beast, isn’t that front cover amazing.

Published by Flying Eye Books

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