A River By Marc Martin


Marc Martin‘s illustrative style gives me a feeling of warmth and nostalgia. His countryside landscapes feel like patchwork quilts sewn together with graphite and gouache, his industrial landscapes are cluttered with painted traffic and concrete. The artwork has a textural quality that make his picture books slide off the bookshelf into your willing hands.

Marc’s latest picture book, ‘A River‘ is a story about the power of the imagination. It’s a story we can all relate to, a young girl stares out of her window, daydreaming. She sets off on a journey along a river, through a busy jungle, down a cascading waterfall and across a vast, open ocean. The girl and her boat are dwarfed by the landscapes she travels through all connected by the river. The simple story is poetic and beautiful.

Maybe it’s a story about looking beyond oneself.

Published by Templar Publishing


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