A Typical Day in the life of Britta Teckentrup


A typical day …

I usually get up at around 7am when my teenage son gets ready for school and tend to start working around 8am. My day has to start with a cup of coffee…or two…or three… and lots of raspberries!

Britta Berlin

I live in Berlin.

I moved here about 10 years ago after living in the UK for 17 years.

I live in one of those typical Berlin flats in a turn of the century building with my Scottish husband, our teenage son and our almost 20 year old cat from Hackney – called Oskar.

Britta Hackney cat

My desk is facing a big window and I there is a huge chestnut tree right outside.

Right now is my favourite time of the year with the first buds appearing and the birds singing …

I almost forget that I live right in the middle of a big city.

Berlin can be a bit depressing and grey in the winter but it is wonderful in spring, summer and autumn.

Britta _window (2)

If I am not too busy I first have a look at my emails and Facebook and Twitter but am careful not to get too carried away.

On a very busy day I try not to get distracted and only check my emails a few times.

I love to work on various projects at the same time.

Going back and forth between different projects helps me see things in a fresh way.

I always have to put everything I am working on up on my wall  – it is getting quite busy now and is starting  to look a bit like a big collage.

But thankfully Berlin apartments have got very high ceilings!

Britta studio 2

Britta studio

I tend to work through lunch until our son comes home from school in the afternoon, but sometimes meet up with fellow illustrators and authors. There are lots of us living in my area for some reason and we go for lunch and coffee on a regular basis – which I love!

Even though there are quite a few studios nearby I prefer to work from home.

My husband who is also an artist works from home as well and it all works out very well.

The only ‘problem’ working from home is that I tend to work far too much.

But that’s not a major problem as I absolutely love what I do…

If you’d like to see more of Britta’s work, check out her website.

Before I Wake Up cover (2)


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