This fun and fact-filled book of mazes informs us about the varied migration journeys different animals undertake throughout the year. Follow the reindeer to their summer grazing grounds in the Arctic tundra or accompany humpback whales from the cold waters of the Arctic to warm tropical waters and learn interesting facts along the way.

Reading this book, I caught myself thinking ‘I did not know this’ more than once. Fascinating facts are wrapped in beautiful illustrations by Melissa Castrillón, which are  pieces of art within their own right.

Georgie really liked the Rockhopper Penguins and finding a safe route up and down the cliff. We then looked on a world map for children, which Georgie has hanging above her bed, to see where these penguins live. Georgie can find the UK, America, Spain, Chile and New Zealand on a map…not bad for a three-year-old.

Animazes, written by Melissa Castrillón and published by Big Picture Press, is a perfect  picture book for curious minds of all ages.

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