Sir Scaly Pants: The Dragon Thief by John Kelly

Sir Scaly Pants is back for his second adventure. This time, a fire-breathing dragon thief has kidnapped the king and Sir Scaly Pants considers it his duty to rescue his majesty.

Georgie’s favourite character is Sir Scaly Pants’ trusty steed, Guinevere, because of how brave she is. After all, not everyone would gallop towards a fire-breathing dragon! While we were reading the book, Georgie added horse sounds and Guinevere’s thoughts to the story, which made the book even more entertaining!

The illustrations are detailed, the faces are brilliantly expressive, and add to the funny feel of this book, as do the rhymes. A perfect bedtime story with an unexpected happy ending.

Written and illustrated by John Kelly and published by Bloomsbury; a funny story full of peril and pants.

Published 7th September 2017

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