The Big Book of Beasts by Yuval Zommer

This is another fantastic book by Yuval Zommer! Just like The Big Book of Bugs, The Big Book of Beasts has a very clear structure. The reader gets to meet different animals (Sloths, Tigers, Weasels, Binturongs….yes, there is such a thing!) before they learn about footprints, endangered animals and urban visitors.

Georgie was fascinated with the Hippopotamuses page… especially after learning that Hippos can produce their own suncream and spray their poo! (Whereas I loved the page about sloths.) We spent story time looking for the different footprints on the various pages.

Again, Yuval’s illustrations are beautiful and support the interesting facts incredibly well. This is a book we did not want to put down because every time we looked through it, we discovered more.

I will definitely add a copy to my class library! And I wonder what Yuval Zommer will come up with next…but I know that I’m already looking forward to it.

Illustrated by Yuval Zommer and published by Thames & Hudson.

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