Ally-Saurus & the Very Bossy Monster by Richard Torrey

This book follows on from  ‘Ally-Saurus & the First Day of School’. In this story, Ally has to learn to stand up for herself and her friends because a new bossy neighbour loves turning everything into a rule… until Ally-Saurus has had enough.

This book is brilliant because it gets children thinking about the way people feel and behave. The illustrations are fantastic and show the characters’ feelings really well. Ally also finds out that not all bullies behave badly on purpose. In the end, Ally as well as the bossy neighbour learn their lessons and become friends.

I read this book to my class of Year 3s and we identified where Maddie, the bossy neighbour, behaved like a bully. We then discussed how she could change her behaviour for the better.

It triggered some interesting discussions about friendships and playground issues.

Written by Richard Torrey and published by Sterling Children’s Books.

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