Maurice the Unbeastly by Amy Dixon

When you think of beasts, you immediately think of fear, destruction and loud roaring noises. But Maurice is different. Maurice eats kale and is incredibly neat and polite … not beast-like at all. His parents are worried about him and decide to send him to the Abominable Academy for Brutish Beasts so he can learn how to be a proper beast. But will Maurice learn to fit in? Or will he learn the value of staying true to himself?

This book offers a fantastic starting point for conversations about fitting in and peer pressure.

I used this book in school and had the children advise Maurice on what he should and shouldn’t do. We then argued our points and in the end agreed that it’s good to be different and learn from each other.

A fantastic book brought to life by Karl James Mountford’s brilliantly funny illustrations. A reminder how important it is to stay true to oneself.

Written by Amy Dixon, illustrated by Karl James Mountford and published by Sterling Children’s Books.

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