What Do Animals Do All Day? by Wendy Hunt

We loved the first book ‘What Do Grown Ups Do All Day’ so it was no surprise that we love the animal version of the book just as much.

Embark on a journey through 14 different habitats and meet over a hundred different animals. On each page, we meet different animals, learn what they do all day and how they fit into the environment they live in. Beavers are described as architects, clownfish  as security guards and elephants as landscape gardeners- a great way to explain to children what animals do in the wild.

We especially enjoyed the ‘Tropical Island’ habitat and spotting the animals that live there.

If your littleone is interested in wildlife, they’ll love this book.

What Do Animals Do All Day, written by Wendy Hunt, illustrated by Muti and published by Wide Eyed Editions.

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