Myth Match

Now here is a book that has me really excited. So excited that my entire English planning for next term is based on and around this book. A flip book packed full of mythical and make-believe creatures.

Create your own beautifully illustrated Myth Match creature and find out its strength and looks with brilliantly matched descriptions. Flick through the pages to create more and more unique and fantastic beasts.

My favourite beast is the PhoeTinger (a mixture of a Phoenix and a Wolpertinger), a mythical creature with red, fiery wings, the head of a rabbit with antlers, which is a symbol of immortality and only comes out at night when the moon shines.

This book is guaranteed to grab the imagination of anyone who dares to opens it.

IMG_3290 (500x401)

Written and illustrated by Good Wives and Warriors and published by Laurence King Publishing.

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