The Bear, the Piano, the Dog and the Fiddle by David Litchfield

Now, we have been looking forward to this release for a little while and it was definitely worth the wait. The Bear, the Piano, the Dog and the Fiddle is the sequel to David Litchfield’s best-selling and award-winning book The Bear and the Piano.

Hector, a fiddle player, and his dog Hugo are best friends. When Hector retires, Hugo learns to play the fiddle. Soon after, his talent is spotted by a world-famous bear who offers him the chance to travel the world and play in front of thousands of people. A chance Hector had always dreamed of. Can Hector learn to swallow his pride and be happy for his friend Hugo? Or will jealousy destroy a once valued friendship? Set in lively New Orleans, this gorgeous picture book explores just how powerful friendship can be. The illustrations are warm and atmospheric and compliment the storyline beautifully.

A must-have book for keen readers. Definitely one of our new favourites!

Cover (384x500)

The Bear, the Piano, the Dog and the Fiddle, written by David Litchfield and published by Lincoln Children’s Books.


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