Flynn’s Window by Yeliz Hakki

What do you see when you look out the window?
I can see birds on a bird feeder in front of an old, dilapidated fence. But what if instead of a fence, I could see a glorious castle and instead of birds brave knights?
What if the view of the window changed every time you looked out of it? What would you see?

Flynn’s Window is a book about imagination. A lovely rhyming book about Flynn, the cat, who sits in his favourite spot by the window, and we get to learn about the weird and wonderful things he observes.

The illustrations beautifully support the rhymes. They are mainly black and white with a bright background colour that makes the images stand out more.

Definitely worth a read. My class of 6 year olds have loved this book ‘because it is funny’. We have used this book as a starting point for storytelling. Getting the children to talk about what they can see and what happens in their window.

Written and illustrated by Yeliz Hakki and published by Old King Cole Publishing.




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