ABC Word Play by Fany Perret

An interactive alphabet book for the design conscious toddler!

This is an eye-pleasing object for the bookshelf. The long rectangular shape and the bold, graphic typeface make this an irresistible board book to pick up and play with.

After you punch out the chunky neon letters, assemble the simple words on the other side of the spread, or spell new words of your own.

My toddlers adore this novelty book and have been going back to it again and again. They can’t spell the words yet; however, for them it is a captivating jigsaw puzzle that is introducing them to the shapes of capital letters.

Published by Chronicle Books

Publishing date 8/3/16

My Stencil Kit: Draw, colour and create your own stories by Hervé Tullet

From the best-selling children’s author of Press Here and Mix it Up! comes an imaginative children’s stencil kit for children to experiment and play with. The kit includes a paperback sketchbook with six die-cut boards and more than 200 stencil shapes to create their artwork and stories with.

Published by Thames & Hudson

Alphadoodler by Jan Bajtlik

Alphadoodler is an activity book children and typography nerds, created by graphic designer Jan Bajtlik.
The book is filled with activities for children to draw, scribble, cut, stick, paint and design.

The book is beautifully put together; it is exactly the kind of book that I want my children to get stuck into. They might have to prise it from my fingers first though.

Published by Tate Publishing.

The Big Book of Animals of the World By Ole Konnecke

A large-format boardbook looking at the common—and uncommon—animals that live side-by-side all over the world.

Each spread in this big boardbook focuses on a continent or ocean and features animals, landscapes, and plants unique to that part of the world.
There are also multiple little stories hidden within the pictures, encouraging storytelling and further questions.

The Look Book: Home By Claire Rollet

This book has a very simple concept, summed up simply by the title, The Look Book: Home. Each page is a familiar scene with objects that pre-schoolers can use to build their vocabulary and make their initial steps to becoming confident readers. This book is perfect for my toddler twins, who are now beginning to connect words to their objects.

There are plenty of books like this one to choose from, but what makes this book special are the charming illustrations and thoughtful design. Simple choice then.

Published by Templar Publishing.

Where Did They Go? By Emily Bornoff

I believe this is the third in the series of spotting books published by Big Picture Press. Like everything they publish it is beautifully put together with high production value and a talented printmaker/illustrator.

Emily Bornoff creates stunning illustrative pattern that represent the endangered animals habitats, children will enjoy the interactive element of this book, searching for the animals hidden on the pages.

The book will teach its young readers where in the world the endangered animals come from and what is being done to save them.

Published by Big Picture Press.

Beautiful Birds Colouring Book Emmanuelle Walker

Lose yourself in a riot of colouring in as you bring these exotic birds to life!

Immerse yourself with Emmanuelle Walker’s wonderfully detailed bird illustrations. From Warblers to Blue-tits and Kakapos to Owls, colour in an alphabet of birds in their feathery fancies – perfect for all ages!

  • Flying Eye Books

Hello Nature: Draw, Collect, Make and Grow By Nina Chakrabarti

Hello Nature is a beautifully designed and illustrated scrapbook by Nina Chakrabarti. With this book, children can go on a journey of discovery and explore the natural treasures of the outdoors. The book is filled with educational information and delightfully inviting activities. It’s one that adults will find difficult not to keep for themselves.

Published by Laurence King.

Release date: 1/3/16

My Crazy Inventions Sketchbook: 50 Awesome Drawing Activities for Young Inventors by Andrew Rae and Lisa Regan

My Crazy Inventions Sketchbook is full of Andrew Rae’s fun-filled illustrations of wacky inventions that are surprisingly real inventions. The book has plenty of room for children to create their own mad inventions with prompts and inspiration to get those young minds ticking. This is an excellent idea for a book, and wonderfully put together.

Published by Laurence King.