mibo The Forest Folk, The Marine Team & The Sky Guys by Madeleine Rogers

Aimed at the under 3 year olds, the mibo books show five animals from three different environments in rhyme and pictures. The illustrations are bold and bright and great for the learning of animals and the sounds they make.

Vibrant and modern, these board books are the perfect gift for tiny tots. Harry was determined to test the durability of these books and they endured everything that was thrown at them.

Gorgeous and bold illustrations by Madeleine Rogers and published by Button Books.

forest folk (500x439)marine team (500x396)sky guys (500x454)

Harry (413x500)

Cars Go by Steve Light

My little boy loves cars – he especially loves car noises. He finds them hilarious. Steve Light’s latest board book of things that go, hits all the right buttons for my son Reggie.  First and foremost, it’s robust enough to withstand his brutal handling of books and their pages. Inside the book, are a variety of different cars, from a police car to a monster truck and each one is accompanied by the unique chorus of noise they make. Reggie loves hearing me read aloud the VRROOOM VRMs and the BRRM BROOOOMs (equally, I like making them).

Published by Chronicle books.

Publishing date:  25th April 2016


This is Not a Book by Jean Jullien

Jean Jullien is an exciting new talent to hit the children’s book market. With his unique style and playful illustrations, he has created a board book that makes his young readers look at things from a different perspective.

Each turn of the page, presents us with a new way to imagine this rectangular shape of the double page. The book presents us with suprising views of the world: it becomes a gaping, open mouth, an open laptop, a set of piano keys with sheet music and a birdseye view of a man tightrope walker.

It’s a deceptively simple and playful concept and can be enjoyed simply as that alone. However, I feel it could be used to inspire children to explore other shapes in the world around them and develop their problem solving abilities. What if the book was a semi circle and the pages opened up into a circle? What could the images inside reveal?

My Verdict:

This is Not a Book is a playful, imaginative board book that encourages young minds to think outside of the box and explore the world around them.

Published by Phaidon.



Pattern-Tastic Treasure Hunt by Nan Na Hvass and Sofie Hannibal

Learn to spot different patterns with this nature-inspired treasure hunt, which contains 80 first words to see and say. Turn the tabs of the chunky boards book to discover a world of stripes, spots and spirals, then try to spot the odd one out. Visual learning made fun.

Published by Wide Eyed Editions.


Technicolour Treasure Hunt: Learn to Count with Nature by Nan Na Hvass and Sofie Hannibal

A beautiffuly designed board book

Learn to count from one to ten with this nature-inspired treasure hunt, which contains 80 first words to see and say. Turn the tabs of the chunky board book to discover all the colours of the rainbow. Visual learning made fun.

Published by Wide Eyed.


TouchThinkLearn: Homes By Xavier Deneux

Irresistible design

TouchThinkLearn board books are perfect in every way: durable covers and pages; simple concepts; clean, bold, graphic illustrations and with hands-on, multi-sensory elements on each page.

Homes, like the all ThinkTouchLearn books, features spreads with raised, shaped objects that fit into scooped cutouts on their opposite page.

In this latest book, children will discover different types of homes; what they look like on the inside and outside and have fun as they trace their fingers around the shapes.

Published by Chronicle books.

Publishing date: 8.2.16

Wee Gallery: Board Books: Pets, Dog by Surya Sajnani

Little fingers can easily learn to move the sliders to reveal four favourites animals and their names in these interactive board books.

Wee Gallery Board books offer bold graphics and high-contrast visual patterns to help stimulate visual development.

by QEB Publishing

When I Grow Up (Who’s That?) By Tad Carpenter

There are so many crap toddler books on the market. Why buy them – when you could buy ones created by amazing designers.

Here is another board book in the ‘Who’s That?’ series by designer Tad Carpenter. My son will be pleased, the last one I gave him stayed in his hands for months on end. He still grabs the now dog-eared, torn remains of the book from the shelf. I can’t bring myself to throw it away; it’s become a sort of comfort blanket.

Clearly, he has impeccable taste and will grow up to be a trail-blazing designer.

Published by Sterling

One Lonely Fish by Andy Mansfield and Thomas Flintham

Counting books, like alphabet books, invite creativity. There are some alright ones, some banal ones and then, there are some brilliant ones. This one falls into that last category. One lonely fish, sounds like the beginning of a sad story with a predictably happy ending. Nope, sorry fish… page by page a bigger fish gets chomped by an even bigger fish, until all nine are consumed by number 10 (a big, BIG fish).

The triangle mouth shapes of the pages are fun to turn over as you sound out the gruesome chomp. My toddlers love this book and I love reading it to them.

Highly recommended by Mr Magpie

Published by Templar Publishing.

Little Explorers: Outer Space by Ruth Martin, illustrated by Allan Sanders

Little explorers: Outer Space is an interactive nonfiction book for curious young minds. The pages are filled with educational lift the flaps to engage your little explorers.

The Earth and beyond is a topic I love to teach at school as it full of mind-blowing science and inspires wonder from the most disengaged child in the classroom. Young readers will learn how black holes work; they’ll discover the environments of the known planets and how man landed on the moon.

Published by Templar.