The Big Book of Animals of the World By Ole Konnecke

A large-format boardbook looking at the common—and uncommon—animals that live side-by-side all over the world.

Each spread in this big boardbook focuses on a continent or ocean and features animals, landscapes, and plants unique to that part of the world.
There are also multiple little stories hidden within the pictures, encouraging storytelling and further questions.

The Butterfly Garden by Laura Weston

The Butterfly Garden is an educational picture book about the life cycle of Butterflies. The book is illustrated in striking black and white with spots of colour and interactive lift the flap elements on each page.

The book is presented as a sturdy board book so very young readers can enjoy it, but it is also useful for older children who are starting to learn about the life cycles of different animals.

I particularly like the black and white backgrounds; they look like they have been printed from block carvings and make this book an interesting, graphic alternative to other books out there on similar topics.

Published by Big Picture Press.

Who’s That? On the Go by Tad Carpenter

A beautifully designed and illustrated board book bright colours and gatefold flaps that reveal the answers to the question “Who’s that?”

The book acts as a guessing game that toddlers will love to interact with.

Each page is contains a new question with clues to work out who is hidden behind the flap. Is it a bicycle rider, a truck driver or a sea captain?

This has now replaced Goodnight Moon as my son’s favourite book. When I gave it to him, he didn’t let go of it for 2 hours. He now demands to sleep with it in his cot.

Published by Sterling.

Dinoblock by Christopher Franceschelli, illustrated by Peskimo

The third in a series of block books illustrated by design company Peskimo. First came Alphablock, then Countablock – now we have Dinoblock. These books are enjoyably tangible objects. The physicality of the book is in itself an experience.

Dinoblock presents the reader with 24 varieties of Dinosaur as well as interesting facts about them as well as their habitats.

Published by Abrams Appleseed.

Little Honey Bee by Jane Ormes

A counting book with a difference. Learn the names of flowers and count them as you go. There are 25 lift flaps to uncover and then discover the creatures underneath them.

Beautifully presented with stunning illustrations. This is a fantastic book to inspire an interest in nature and to develop those counting skills.

Then go and impress your teachers with your ability to use specific nouns for a variety of flower types.

Published by Big Picture Press.

Release date: September

A White Butterfly by Laurie Cohen, Illustrated by Barbara Ortelli

Both beautiful and poetic, this book—loaded with butterflies—is a playful, bright, and eye-popping treat that will fascinate young children The butterflies in this magnificently illustrated board book come in all different colors. They are as blue as the sea, as red as a strawberry, and even as black as the night. Children will love poring over these pictures to see how the butterflies compare to the colorful words they match. And at the end, a special interactive die-cut page allows children to create their own butterfly wing patterns by placing any piece of paper or cloth behind the page.


Published by Minedition

Help! The Wolf is Coming! By Cedric Ramadier, illustrated by Vincent Bourgeau

An interactive boardbook

Oh no! The wolf is coming! He’s getting closer and closer—you’d better turn the page, tilt the book, shake it, and then slam it shut.

– Gecko Press

The Learning Garden: Colors By Aino-Maija Metsola

Every page is themed by color and filled with objects to see and say. Can you find the odd one out on every page? Lift the flaps to see if you are right—and discover a host of surprises along the way.

Bold, eye-catching artwork and sturdy card lift-flaps that reveal visual surprises make this a favorite with children and adults alike.

Published by Wide Eyed Editions