How Many Legs? By Kes Gray, illustrated by Jim Field

From the team that brought you the show-stopping, Pièce de résistance of 2014 – ‘Oi Frog’ – comes…

How Many Legs? A riotous counting book that requires a moderate level of problem solving ability (I’m speaking from an adult’s perspective).

Kes Grey weaves laughter and joy onto the page with his rhyming words and Jim Field personifies them with his vibrant and expressive illustrations.

For me, Kes Gray and Jim Field are up there in the realms of dynamic duos, competing with the likes of Jon Klassen and Mac Barnett.

Published by Hodder Children’s Books

100 BEARS Magali Bardos

I’d go as far as to say that this is the best counting book ever made.

Yet again, another fine example of the excellence and unquestionable taste of Flying Eye Books.

This fun, anarchic book takes readers on a journey from the number 1 to number 100, chasing a group of adventurous bears through mountains and forests and down into the city.

Flying Eye Books

Numbers by Paul Thurlby

I have been a huge fan of Paul Thurlby for a while now. I was in awe of his alphabet book. Then I found his book ‘Wildlife’. Now I am the proud owner of his brand-spanking-new book, ‘Numbers’.

I will let the artwork do the talking.

Published 02/10/2014

Check out Paul Thurlby’s website. There are some great prints available in his shop.

Cats Night Out by Caroline Stutson, illustrated by Jon Klassen (Books I like)

From two cats waltzing to twenty cats in a conga line, dancing felines take to the streets, the fire escapes, and the rooftops in this charming concept picture book that is part counting and part introduction to music, dance, and rhythm. The short rhyming text makes it a perfect read-aloud treat, and with vivid illustrations from Jon Klassen, readers and listeners alike will be thrilled to see what happens one night on Easy Street when a pair of cats start to groove to the beat.

Have You Seen My Dragon? By Steve Light










HAVE YOU SEEN MY DRAGON? Copyright © 2014 by Steve Light. Reproduced by permission of the publisher, Candlewick Press, Somerville, MA.

It’s a counting book like no other. Each spread of the book is full of fascinating scenes and activities. Kids and adults alike will have tons of fun as they discover the events and places within the book. Help the young boy locate his dragon. Scan the pages and see if you can find out what the missing beast is up to, as he travels through the bustling city. Has he gone for a swim in river by the sailboats? Is he quenching his thirst from the water towers above the streets? Has he gone for a day trip to the zoo?

The book is beautifully illustrated with pen-and-ink, with splashes of colour that catch the eye and lift the illustrations from the pages.

You can purchase the book from Amazon.

Steve Light’s illustrations remind me of the street art created by ‘The London Police’. I adore this book! Thanks for sending it Steve.



Images from The London Police website.