WE ARE ALL BORN FREE by Amnesty International

‘Amnesty’s delightful book We Are All Born Free explains the importance of human rights through truly beautiful illustrations. It is clear, simple and uplifting and makes it very easy to raise difficult subjects, even with young children. It is a wonderful educational tool and I strongly believe that every school should own a copy.’
Actress and author Emma Thompson

Dreams of Freedom by Amnesty International

Dreams of Freedom is a beautiful picture book with an important message for the next generation. The book includes 17 inspiring quotations about freedom, equality and our human rights. The quotations have been hand-picked with a child-focus to ensure maximum comprehension and appreciation from its intended young audience.

The quotations are brought to life by the brilliant artwork of some of the best illustrators working in the industry today.

As well as a must-have-book on your family bookshelf, it is a fantastic teaching resource. The learning opportunities that can be achieved with this book are endless; it’s a treasure trove of inspiration.

Published by Frances Lincoln